Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catholic Church - "Religious liberty is under attack"

After the contraception controversy, the Catholic Church announced a 'religious freedom' campaign:

CNN article

When you boil down their argument, it is at once both simple and ludicrous:  "Give us the religious freedom to take away the reproductive freedom of our employees.  Give us the option to limit options, even in a church-owned company that manufacturers widgets."

Should Christian Scientists be allowed to opt out of providing insurance coverage for surgery, medication, or any treatment other than prayer?  Should Jehovah's Witnesses be allowed to exclude blood transfusions from their health plans?  

We leave in a pluralistic society.  It is time for secularists and moderate theists to say "enough!"  It is also time to eliminate the tax breaks enjoyed by religion.  This throwback to the middle ages has to stop.


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