Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Mormon flowchart for your soul

I was born and raised a Mormon.  I even served a 2-year mission for the LDS Church.  However, something was always nagging at me.  Various ideas seemed silly, such as baptisms for the dead.  At an early age, I remember questioning how God could be so petty that he would not simply waive the requirement for baptism for the billions of people who never knew about Mormonism.  Other concepts seemed completely arbitrary and racist, such as skin color being indicative of one's valiance in the Pre-Existence.

Some enterprising person created an amusing, but factual flowchart outlining the Mormon theology in detail.  With the exception of the body/soul dichotomy, it is fairly doctrinal.  The LDS church has tried to distance itself recently from some of the doctrines, but most of these were taught by Mormon "prophets" for decades and are still published by the LDS Church in various books including the Journal of Discourses.


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