Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So it begins...

You have to start somewhere, so here it goes.  Recently, I attended the Reason Rally in Washington, D.C., followed by the national convention of American Atheists.  I was inspired by the many amazing people that I met, including Thunderf00t, AronRa, Cristina Rad (ZomGitsCriss), PZ Myers, and others, who I felt like I knew by reading or viewing their blogs/vlogs.  I felt privileged to meet Richard Dawkins and James Randi, two personal heroes and soldiers on the front line of the battle against Magical Thinking.

I was impressed by their openness and desire to promote the cause of Freethought.  I have always viewed myself as a Freethinker, notwithstanding the fact that I was ostensibly a member of the Mormon church, a colossal mindfrak virus that has captured and brainwashed many otherwise intelligent people.

I have mostly confined my discussions on the subject of Freethought to groups of similarly minded colleagues and law partners.  A few years ago, I started posting on a number of discussion boards related to Mormonism.  However, inspired by the giants of the Freethought movement that I was recently privileged to meet, I have decided to create my own blog.  I hope someday to write a book. However, in the meantime, a blog will have to suffice.

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