Saturday, June 2, 2012

Billboards or missionaries?

In the last few years, billboards sponsored by atheist and secular humanist organizations have started to pop up around the country, even here in Salt Lake City. I have heard some very negative reactions from some of my Mormon friends. What amazes me is that, while they criticize the billboards, they don't see any problem with their door-to-door missionaries. Which is more intrusive?

Incidentally, this atheist billboard in Ohio was taken down because Christians complained about it.  There was still one week left on the contract.

Christian evangelism is never seen to be a problem by a Christian.  But atheist evangelism? Now that is truly offensive. The reality is that atheists have no need to evangelize. If Christians would just leave them alone -- stop trying to legislate Christian morality, stop trying to teach ridiculous, non-scientific theories to their children (intelligent design), stop knocking on their doors -- atheists would have no need to evangelize.

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