Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why the faith of Morpheus does not bother me

I have mentioned in the past that I am big fan of the Matrix trilogy.  Unquestionably, my favorite character is Morpheus.  How can this be, when Morpheus is the quintessential man of faith, and I reject all religious faith?  Morpheus' faith was quasi-religious, and I should be condemning him for holding to his beliefs against all objective evidence, even when both the Oracle and Neo told him that his faith was vain.

I read an interesting essay that found Morpheus to be the classic "knight of faith" described by Søren Kierkegaard in Fear and Trembling.  Why am I not laughing at Morpheus' folly (forgetting for a moment that his faith was ultimately vindicated by the Coen brothers)?

I suppose the difference between Morpheus and most believers is found in this exchange in Matrix Reloaded.  I have no problem with people like Morpheus that hold to unproved (and/or unprovable) theories, but do not expect the rest of us to follow suit.

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