Friday, March 22, 2013

The problem with religion

I agree with Christopher Hitchens when he wrote: "Religion is not content with it's own marvelous claims and sublime assurances. It must seek to interfere with the lives of nonbelievers, or heretics  or adherents of all other faiths. It may speak about the bliss of the next world, but it wants power in this one...It does not even have the confidence in its own various preachings to allow coexistence between different faiths." 

If religion didn't attempt to legislate its particular version of morality (e.g., banning same-sex marriage), if it didn't condemn non-belief and make atheists the most hated minority (e.g., atheists rank between rapists and child molesters in some polls), if religion didn't try to insinuate itself into the classroom at teach children false narratives about the universe (e.g., intelligent design), I wouldn't have any problems with it.

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