Monday, April 29, 2013

Chile hunts sect members accused of burning baby alive

I normally don't post news about crazy people, except when they band together and call themselves a religion, which is apparently the case here. What's sad is that the mother was a member of the cult and knew her child was going to be killed.  While I initially questioned how a mother could do such a thing, I immediately recalled that this was the work of the religion virus and was surprised no longer.
Chilean police are searching for three people accused of burning a baby alive in a doomsday ritual.
Police began searching for the suspects on Friday in the southern region of Araucania.
Officials say the 3-day-old baby was thrown onto a bonfire in November because the leader of the sect believed that the child was the antichrist.
Police arrested four other members of the sect Thursday after a months-long investigation. Among them was the baby's mother, 25-year-old Natalia Guerra.
In her written court statement, she said that all sect members knew that her child "would be murdered" and that they had to obey the leader because he "was God."
The ringleader is 36-year-old Ramon Gustavo Castillo. Police say he escaped to Peru and authorities are working with Interpol to capture him.

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