Thursday, April 18, 2013

Three men deported from Saudi Arabia for being 'too irresistible to women'

On the heels of my post about Saudi Arabia going after women with tempting eyes, it seems that the Saudi religious police are now deporting men who are too irresistible to women. At least they are equal-opportunity bigots.  I wish I had pictures of these Adonises, but I can't find any online.  Could the Saudis be any more comical in their repression of sexuality?
Three men were forcibly ejected from a cultural festival in Saudi Arabia amid concerns they were 'too handsome' for women to resist.
Religious police in the conservative Islamic kingdom removed the trio, all from the United Arab Emirates, from the Jenadrivah Heritage and Culture Festival in Riyadh on Sunday.
The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices in Saudi - where there are strict rules governing interaction between men and women who aren't related - had the men deported back to Abu Dhabi in case women should 'fall for them'.

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