Monday, May 20, 2013

North Carolina 2-year-old puts dad’s unattended gun in his mouth and fires

As a gun owner, I support a private right to own firearms.  However, in addition to basic reform, such as background checks, I'm starting to believe that an IQ test should also be a requirement.  How in the frak could a 2-year old access a loaded gun?  I simply do not believe that everyone is intelligent enough to own a gun.  This is nothing about race or class.

In the law, we have a concept called "foreseeability."  For example, if you shoot a gun into a crowd of people, you can be charged with murder if someone dies, whether or not you intended to kill anyone.  This is another example of where someone should be held criminally liable, or at least grossly negligent, for an act of utter stupidity.

Fortunately, the child did not die, but the father's right to own a gun should be permanently revoked, in much the same way that many states deny permits to felons or people who have been adjudicated insane.

From Raw Story
A 2-year-old boy in North Carolina is expected to survive after shooting himself with his father’s gun over the weekend.
Randolph County deputies said that the toddler found the handgun in his parents’ room at their home just outside Asheboro around 2 p.m. on Saturday. The boy put the gun in his mouth and fired it.
According to WGHP, the boy was listed in critical condition Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem on Sunday, but was expected to live.

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