Friday, September 20, 2013

Conservatives 'disturbed' by pope's remarks ... Pope throws them a bone

I was liking Pope Frank more and more ... until today.

“Rain on parched land.”
“A bold new course.”
That’s how liberal Catholics responded to the stunning interview published Thursday in which Pope Francis bluntly said the church shouldn’t be “obsessed” with culture war issues like abortion and gay marriage.
“It is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time,” the pope said, warning that the church's moral foundations will fall "like a house of cards" unless it strikes a "new balance" between preaching the gospel and taking political stands on divisive issues.
How did conservative Catholics, the church’s most ardent culture warriors, react?
“I’ll be honest; I was disturbed,” writes Matthew Archbold in the conservative National Catholic Register.
“While it's clear that the pope is not changing church teaching, he is clearly changing the emphasis. The pope with a few words has unsettled so much.”
Archbold said that he’s concerned that the pope's words will be used against anti-abortion activists and opponents of gay marriage in the United States.
This just in.  On Friday, Pope Francis offered an olive branch of sorts to the doctrine-minded, conservative wing of the Catholic Church on Friday as he denounced abortions as a symptom of today's "throw-away culture" and encouraged Catholic doctors to refuse to perform them. It came a day after he was quoted as blasting the church's obsession with "small-minded rules" that are driving the faithful away. 

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