Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mormon sexism redux

My post on Mormon sexism has been viewed more times than any other, with the possible exception of the one on magical Mormon underwear.

Reading it again recently, I realized that it still doesn't convey (especially to men) how it would feel to be a woman in a misogynistic religion.  I came across this description of Mormon sexism that turns it on its ear and makes it very relatable to men.

Look at the list below and ask yourself, would any rational man join a church that..

...women held all priesthood leadership positions, including Prophet, Apostles, Stake Presidents and Bishops etc...

...God was a woman and any mention of Father in Heaven was forbidden

...only women were allowed to speak for God

...under no circumstance could a man hold a position of authority over a woman

...only women could perform church ordinances - i.e. pass the sacrament, perform baptisms or bless their own children the temple women covenanted to obey Mother in Heaven but the men covenanted to obey their wives

...the fundamental narrative upon which the entire religion were based had a man obeying Satan to eat the forbidden fruit first, which would explain why men are so subservient to women were told time and again in General Conference from their all-female leaders that their main purpose was to be submissive to their wives age 12 the girls got the priesthood with subsequent advancement during the teen years. But the boys got nothing but a "Manhood Medallion"

...the only men's group in the church called the "Relief Society" was really run by the women apostles who made all the real decisions, controlled the budget and provided all the curriculum

...the church had a history of treating men like mindless property. Its founding leaders taught that God commanded that one woman should have plural husbands that lived by themselves and had to share the one wife with other men.

...the church founder (a woman) had over 30 secret husbands. Some of them were pre-pubescent boys she emotionally blackmailed into secret sex. Some were happily-married men who she told had to marry her in order to save their families.

...the church's scriptures (D&C 132) contained a revelation by the church founder (a woman) that has Heavenly Mother saying she gives young virgin men to the founder and her husband must accept it or suffer destruction and eternal damnation

...the Book of Mormon had only four pathetic references to men but the whole rest of this "divinely inspired" book was about women

...women frequently gave men priesthood blessings of counsel, pretending to speak in the name of Heavenly Mother commanding them to obey their wives and "be faithful"

...the most precious thing a man could give his wife were his virginity/virtue who had lost their virginity before marriage were called "used cars"

...single men were told that they could only be exalted if their wives called upon them for exaltation the next life a woman could have as many husbands as she wanted while the husband could only have one wife

...the men were expected to take mini classes on how to change toilet flappers, sharpen lawn mower blades, or fix fences while the women met to discuss leadership doctrine

...a man who had a huge business empire and a great education was only allowed to be in charge of other men or children...never church wondered what their wife's temple names might be

Would any man in his right mind join such a church?

Source i4m

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