Monday, November 11, 2013

My recent visit to one of the bastions of reason

With regret, I left Sweden yesterday after a marvelous trip.  It is an amazing place, with less than 30 percent or so of the population believing in a god or gods.  Is it the miserable, lawless wasteland that theists would like you believe it to be?  Hell no. :)  It is a model of peace with low crime and a  healthy and happy population.

Sweden is one of the leaders of the world in clean energy, with a majority of its power coming from hydroelectric, wind, and nuclear power.  Its recycling program is so good, it has to important garbage from neighboring countries to power its garbage burning program.

There are relatively few countries with so few believers.  As you can see from the following map, only Japan and a few other countries have achieved the same level of rationality.  I'm sure I will get a comment telling me to move to Sweden.  What I would rather do is work to make the US different from all of the third world countries that are likewise plagued by a religious majority.

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