Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Republicans growing more skeptical about evolution

From The Washington Post:

When it comes to increasing partisanship in the United States, it seems no issue is immune. And that includes evolution.
A new Pew Research Center poll shows a widening political gap over theories about how humans came to be, with Republicans growing increasingly skeptical about the idea that humans evolved over time.
Over the last four years, the percentage of Democrats who said they believe in evolution has risen by three points, from 64 percent to 67 percent. But the percentage of Republicans who believe in the theory has dropped 11 points, from 54 percent to 43 percent.
So while there was a 10-point gap in 2009, there is now a 24-point gap.
Pew says similar shifts have not occurred for any other demographics, either racial or religious.
Political independents also became slightly more skeptical about evolution. While 67 percent believed in it in 2009, 65 percent say they do today. Overall, 60 percent of Americans believe in evolution, while 33 percent do not.
Here's the full breakdown by demographic:

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