Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mormon propaganda video: if you know someone who is masturbating, tell someone before it’s too late.

Ed Brayton posted this propaganda video that has been put out by the Mormon church urging people to help their friends if they suspect they masturbate to pornography.  This, the video implies, is how “the enemy” (*raises hand*) seeks to bring misery into the lives of good, wholesome Mormons: by creating a world where spreading people’s private lives to others as though it’s any of their business is frowned upon.  The video begs Mormons not to listen!  If someone you know is masturbating to porn, they must be helped…by telling someone else.  This is not gossip, it’s help.
I suspect the response hasn’t been as swell as the Mormon church imagined since the video, this morning, has been made private.  However, it’s the internet, so good luck being a killjoy to people who get their jollies watching a church expend it’s moral energy on something as healthy as masturbation while believing themselves to be the sole occupants of the moral high ground.

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